Project Management

Ferra has an extensive background of managing fast paced programs with dynamic supply chains. Our approach is to develop and adopt a global supply chain to add holistic value to our customers. We duplicate capability and offer independent supply chains from multiple Ferra facilities. This allows our organization to mitigate against risk and capacity issues by avoiding a single point of failure. We can forward stock product to give regional support to key programs.  

We use our fully integrated ERP System – SAP. We consolidate group spend to get maximum benefit from our global purchasing. Our approach is to hold levels of inventory internally to buffer against short term external risk. We contract with our sub-tiers strategically and over a longer period to give visibility.  

We hold monthly program management reviews for critical and high-risk commodities to help break down and action any problems before they are able to impact the critical path. All our supply chain management and procurement processes are done through SAP. 

We are the sole source provider for various contracts where DCMA & DCAA oversight is required.  

Project showcase

Loyal Wingman UAV

The Boeing Airpower Teaming System (ATS) is an Australian-designed fighter-sized unmanned system designed to act as a ‘loyal wingman’ in conjunction with high value assets such as the P-8A Poseidon or E-7A Wedgetail, or with combat aircraft like the F-35A or F/A-18F. It is the first high performance military aircraft designed and built in Australia in more than 60 years.

The system has been developed in conjunction with the RAAF and the Defence Science & Technology (DST) Group. The low cost unmanned ‘Loyal Wingman’ aircraft, is capable of operating in concert with Air Force’s fifth generation air combat capability. Initially, the ATS will employ electronic warfare or sensor payloads, but could eventually be adapted to carry weapons. At 38 feet in length, the air vehicle is about the size of an F-16, and features advanced composite construction and radar cross-section signature management in the form of shaping, materials and aligned edges. ATS features artificial intelligence to fly independently or in support of manned aircraft while maintaining safe distance between other aircraft. It will have a range of more than 3,000 km, giving it a four to five-hour combat endurance, well beyond that of manned fighter-sized aircraft.

Ferra started on the program with Boeing Phantom Works in 2017 during the initial design phase, and have been selected as the “structure partner of choice” on the aircraft. Ferra provides all metallic sub-assemblies that make up the fuselage, wing, ruddervator and nose sections. Qualification was completed in 2020 and Ferra are now supporting initial low rate production. Sub-assemblies range up to 210” in size and as part of this program, Ferra integrates over 20 local and global partners into our supply chain.

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