Lockheed Martin – Joint Strike Fighter

Ferra has been appointed as the sole source supplier of Alternate Mission Equipment (AME) Weapon adapters in support of the JSF F-35 program. This is a 30 year project that is worth approximately $1.1 billion dollars to Ferra based on current forecasts.

The weapon adapters sit on the aircraft and hold the weapon system. There are six different variants of adapters with four being manufactured from aluminium and two variants being manufactured out of PH 13-8 MO stainless steel. The adapters range in size up to 6.0 x 12.0 x 60.0”. These components have a very detailed manufacturing process consisting of a multi-level route and bill of material including multiple machining operations, heat treatment (to 48 Rockwell), surface treatment (etch, penetrant inspection, passivation, prime and top coat), CMM inspection and final mechanical assembly (bushings, bolts, nuts, bearings, rivets, clamps and clips).

This contract includes the full test and qualification of the components for vibration and acoustics. Also full acceptance and test requirements and SDRLs are included in this program.

The AME Weapon adapters are safety critical items and are subject to full batch traceability, customer approved manufacturing plans and serial number traceability. Serial number traceability is managed through our MRP system (SAP) and involves the use of physical barcodes on each component.

Ferra has displayed world’s best practice on this project including delivery and quality performance of in excess of 99%. We have conducted and submitted annual performance readiness reviews on this program and have been maintained as a sole source supplier with our customer.