Naval Defence

Ferra has capabilities in communication and control systems, fibre composites manufacture, design and engineering support to efficiently deliver your maritime projects.

Ferra was awarded a contract to manufacture, assemble and test a tactical navigation radar system for Thales Germany, called the Phoenice radar system. The system includes a high-torque motor and complex control system to withstand wave slaps at different sea states without impairing the performance of the radar, which will be critical to the Phoenice radar’s performance.

This Thales contract underlines both the company’s journey to becoming a provider of complex systems and the capabilities of Australian industry.

Ferra was also awarded a contract to supply complex parts for the Thales Optronics business in Glasgow, Scotland. The contract will now allow Ferra’s products to be exported to Thales’ Optronics mast customers globally, variants of which are also being offered for Australia’s Future Submarine Program.


South Korean KSSII Class with Phoenice (Primoss+CAM+T/R) in operation.